How to Introduce Your Vizsla Puppy to Birds

All Vizslas are born with the inherent instinct to point and stalk their prey. This will be evident in a puppy with strong birding instincts as he will have a good nose, style and natural retrieving skills at a young age. While many people will be anxious to get their puppy out in the field, […]

Why Your Dog Does Not Mind You

Have you ever wondered why your dog sometimes, or frequently, just ignores you and tunes you out when you give a command? An excellent excerpt from Building Blocks for Performance: Give Your Puppy a Head Start for Competition by Bobbie Anderson and Tracy Libby,  explains why dogs may not be as well mannered as the […]

Why Dogs Knock Down Bars in Agility

While jumping comes naturally to dogs, jumping in competition is a lot different from running and jumping in play. There are several reasons why a dog may not clear a jump and will take down a bar or refuse to jump. Position of take off is important. If he jumps too early, then he is […]