The Beginners Guide to Finding Your Performance Dog

For those people who have been bitten by the performance bug for the various events in the dog world, it can seem like a challenge to find and develop their own performance dog, especially for beginners. While it may be difficult with a puppy to foresee its future potential, there are some indicators that one […]

SAINT BERNARD PUPPIES – How to Grade a Litter (Good Advice for Any Breed)

Editor’s Note: While the specifics of this article regard the Saint Bernard dog in particular, the general process can be applied to any breed using that breed’s Standard of Excellence as a guide. The process that one goes about in grading or evaluating a litter is the same regardless of the breed. Read this article […]

How To Judge the Breeding Soundness of Your Male Dog

In the world of dogs, the male can have a very big influence on the breed, for good or bad. As he is not a seasonal breeder, but instead is capable of breeding every other day without any loss of fertility, the male can play a huge role in the genetics of any given breed. […]