Animals played an important role during World War I. Here are some fascinating stories and information of individual animals and birds and the services they provided.


Messenger Dog Training – World War I – In his book Watch Dogs: Their Training and Management, (Lieut. Col. E.H.) Richardson explained that the training of the messenger dog was different than any other type of training. The messenger dog had to work in a similar manner as the sheepdog, traveling great distances from the handler to do his job.

Messenger Dogs in World War I – The use of messenger dogs in war is not a new concept and has been mentioned in early war accounts as far back as 4000 B.C. However, at the beginning of World War I, the British military was not convinced that the dogs would be of use. They changed their minds after the War Department received (a) … communication for Colonel Winter, R.A. …

Pitoutchi, a mascot cat in World War I – It is hard to imagine that a cat in the trenches could save a man’s life, but that is exactly what Pitoutchi did.

The brave pigeons in WWI – …While there are many remarkable and noted stories of heroic dogs and horses, there were also other species who contributed greatly to the war effort. …One of those often overlooked species are homing pigeons….

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