Writing and publishing about the various breeds is our specialty. You’ll find a wealth of great information below covering many  of the AKC breeds, as well as the history and development of canines in general and African dogs in particular.


African Dogs Shed Light on CivilizationIf you are interested in the history and development of man’s relationship to dog, you cannot overlook the importance of dogs that originated or were developed on the continent of Africa.

African Dogs — Evolution and Influences that Shaped the Breeds – How trade and lifestyle changes have influenced and shaped indigenous African dog breeds.

Bull Terriers are Not Pit Bulls! – “Bull Terriers are extremely people oriented and also comical. … They are easily recognized by their long, deep, egg-shaped head and tiny, triangular eyes with closely set, erect ears. The Bull Terrier should never be called a Pit Bull!”

Dalmatian Road Trials are Fun and Challenging – Road trials demonstrate that a Dalmatian can perform the task for which this dog was originally bred—to accompany horses and carriages.

Meet the Indigenous African Dogs – Author Sian Hall offers insights gained through extensive study on African history, people, the land and the dogs.

Meet the Japanese Chin – The Japanese Chin is a very ancient breed, dating back to more than a thousand years ago….These little dogs were treated with much reverence in the Japanese court with whole staffs of servants and the highest honors of the land bestowed upon them.

Newfoundland Dog Facts – The Versatility of the Gentle Giants will Amaze You! – In his native island home traditional tasks of the Newfoundland Dog included hauling cartloads of fish from the docks, hauling milk or other products for vendors to sell from their carts, pulling sleds loaded with wood, or pulling a heavy net full of fish into a boat.

The Shiba Inu — Right Dog Breed for You? – They are not a small Akita, but a separate breed developed to be a hunting dog in Japan’s mountain regions. What endears people to Shibas is their mixture of spitz, terrier, and cat-like characteristics.

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