Rally Obedience Work – Halt and Automatic Sit

“…(b)efore you teach your dog to stop when you do, you need to know the proper footwork. This is an important cue to your dog that you are, in fact, going to stop really soon. If you just stop short, your dog will keep going. Getting a stop and an automatic sit is very important […]

Introduction to Clicker Training

In dog training, it is far easier to teach and work with a dog when you have the dog’s undivided attention. Early training with a clicker, when done correctly, can provide this type of rapt attention, leading to more success and connection between the owner and the dog for performance events and in everyday life. […]

Easy Steps to Help Training Make Sense to Your Dog

ESTABLISH A PARTNERSHIP BUILT ON TRUST As you learn to communicate easily with a dog, a partnership is born. A dog is much more willing to work for a handler who is clear with instructions and takes the time to listen to his partner. Partnerships of all kinds are built on trust. Your dog must […]