Tips for a Safe Summer with Your Dog

Knowledge of basic first aid for your dog could easily make the difference between life and death this spring and summer as your outdoor activities rise with the warmer temperatures. Learn to recognize a medical emergency and familiarize yourself with at least the basics so that you will be prepared if something does happen to […]

Your Hunting Dog Training Program

Training is a continuous process, not a series of disconnected parts or phases. Nor is it what mathematicians call “linear.” You do not complete all of one phase before starting the next. Sometimes you work on several phases in a single session. Sometimes you work on multiple phases in parallel for a sustained period of […]


When you are out of doors this summer and fall, watch out for areas with foxtails which are now throughout the country as well as in Canada. Foxtails and similar grasses such as cheatgrass, squirreltail, June grass and some brome grass, have seed awns that are pointed, sharp, and barbed. These seeds easily drill into […]