Self Test for Dog Show Judges

One of the most valuable sections, in my opinion, of Dr. Robert Berndt’s book The Art and Science of Dog Judging, was a whole list of self-test questions for prospective dog show judges to test their knowledge. I’ve reprinted a selection of them below. This knowledge is valuable not only for judges, but also for […]

Teach Your Show Puppy to “Stack” for the Judge

START ON A TABLE Training a puppy for show can easily start on a table or other elevated flat surface. Gently pick the puppy up, one hand under his chest and the other supporting his rear, and place him deliberately on the table. Extend him out to his full length, letting his front legs dangle […]

The Art of Baiting Your Dog in the Show Ring

Baiting could be considered an art form for those who sit on the sidelines of the show ring. Done right, it can be difficult to spot when the dog is being fed bait, creating a more pleasurable picture. Baiting should be a deliberately subtle and tantalizing reward for the well-mannered show dog. In this way, […]