Your Hunting Dog Training Program

Training is a continuous process, not a series of disconnected parts or phases. Nor is it what mathematicians call “linear.” You do not complete all of one phase before starting the next. Sometimes you work on several phases in a single session. Sometimes you work on multiple phases in parallel for a sustained period of […]

How to Introduce Your Vizsla Puppy to Birds

All Vizslas are born with the inherent instinct to point and stalk their prey. This will be evident in a puppy with strong birding instincts as he will have a good nose, style and natural retrieving skills at a young age. While many people will be anxious to get their puppy out in the field, […]


From Hup! Training Flushing Spaniels the American Way When your spaniel is doing well with flyer pigeons, start gradually introducing larger birds. From the pigeon, move up to a chukar, then hen pheasants, then rooster pheasants. Introduce dead ones first to see if they are comfortable retrieving them before introducing live birds. Then plant some […]