Messenger Dog Training – World War I

In his book Watch Dogs: Their Training and Management, (Lieut. Col. E.H.) Richardson explained that the training of the messenger dog was different than any other type of training. The messenger dog had to work in a similar manner as the sheepdog, traveling great distances from the handler to do his job. The messenger dog […]

The brave pigeons in WWI

As many people throughout the world recognize  the 100th year anniversary of the start of WWI, it is good to also remember the contributions of the soldiers of a different kind. As men went to battle, they were joined by a large menagerie of animals that fought loyally beside them in the trenches and at […]

Pitoutchi, a mascot cat in World War I

PITOUTCHI THE CAT It is hard to imagine that a cat in the trenches could save a man’s life, but that is exactly what Pitoutchi did. In the Belgian military records is the following recommendation: “Pitoutchi, 3rd Regiment of Artillery, for showing great bravery under fire, rare endurance, and remarkable initiative. Showed proof, in the […]