Current information on planning and breeding responsibly, timing a mating for best results, whelping, genetics and newborn puppy care can be found in the following popular blogs.


How to Prevent Unplanned Puppies – While late winter or early spring may be the perfect time to breed your dog for a perfect summertime litter, there are times when you may not want to breed your female. … But anyone that has had a bitch in heat knows that sometimes those plans may go awry….

So You Want to be a Breeder? – Our task is not to create a dog from an amorphous mass of flesh and hair, but to make a better dog from the dog we have.

The Breeder’s Role in Puppy Development – Clarice Rutherford, along with most other experts on dog behavior and development, believes that the formation of a solid personality in a dog begins shortly after birth, and has a lot of evidence to prove it.

Things to Consider Before You Breed Your Dog – Consider these important questions before you make plans to breed your bitch this year.

Timing a Breeding —How to Get Puppies When You Want Them – How do you insure that your bitch is bred at the right time to produce a litter?

What kind of dog is that? – How DNA is Unlocking the Mystery of Dog Genetics – Even though we have studied dog breeds for decades, we need to ask, are we right in our assumption that what we see in front of us is definitely such and such a breed, or is it something different?

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