Learn more about various aspects of  canine health in the following articles, including skin problems, first aid, general health, diet and conditioning.


Alopecia Areata – Hair Loss Immune Problems – Alopecia areata means “an area of hair loss,” and is not a dangerous disorder at all.  It simply represents a patch of baldness with no health risk.

How to Administer Emergency CPR to Your Dog – Learning how to give emergency CPR to a dog, treat heat stroke, sunburn and adminster first aid in many emergency situations could potentially save your dog’s life.

Keratinization Disorders – Seborrhea – Few diagnoses are as confusing to dog owners as seborrhea. Part of the confusion arises because most dogs said to have this disorder do not, in fact, have seborrhea.

Putting Together a Dog First Aid Kit – The best thing you can do for your dog is to know what symptoms to look for, know what to do to help him if he is in distress and to be prepared for an emergency situation.

Skin Problems in Dogs and What You Can Do About Them – It is not uncommon for dogs to have some type of skin problem during their lifetime, so it is important for the owner to recognize some of the more common issues that may occur.

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