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Agility Training for Puppies – Agility is an excellent way to help an active puppy burn off some energy while having fun at the same time he is building a bond with his owner.

Backpacking With Your Dog – This year, instead of carrying your camp gear as well as your dog’s, consider training him to carry a backpack that he can haul his own food, treats, toys and bed in.

English for Dogs – Train Your Dog More Useful Words – In her book English for Dogs, Teresa Gary covers 50 words that are commonly used throughout the daily interaction with our dogs.

How to Condition Your Dog to a Carry a Pack – Here are some tips on introducing and conditioning your puppy or dog to his new pack.

How To Introduce The Seesaw In Agility – The seesaw obstacle can be the most unnerving of all the obstacles for a dog running agility, especially dogs that are just learning. With patience and a bit of time, the seesaw can become a fun obstacle for the dog once he learns to control it.

Pick the Right Dog Pack for Your Dog – You probably already own a good fitting backpack for yourself, but what about one for your canine buddy? Make the hiking adventure fun for your dog too with the right type of dog pack.

Teach Your Dog Helpful New Words – Dogs have an amazing ability to learn words. To further the relationship with your dog, why not start to teach him some of the basic language that you deal with every day?

Where Should My Dog Walk When We’re Hiking on the Trail? – Where he’ll walk will depend on trail conditions, weather, time of day and even the direction you’re going. Learn when each position is applicable.

You Can Retrain Your Aggressive Dog – 10 Foundation Behaviors – In a world where many dogs have missed important steps in their early development, dog owners are finding themselves with fearful or aggressive dogs that can become difficult or even dangerous to handle. Author Pam Dennison outlines the Starting Point: Ten Foundation Behaviors.