Family dogs are perhaps the most important of all. Find information here on all things that relate to the family pet—care, training, the family pack, and fun things to do with your family dog.


Games Kids Can Play with Their Dogs – Kids and dogs just naturally go together. Both are full of energy and life and infinite possibilities. The kids love to invent games to play, and the family dog is usually more than willing to participate. This interaction is beneficial to both parties.

Getting a Puppy or Dog? Breeder or Rescue? – Consider the pros and cons of rescuing a dog or puppy or obtaining a purebred puppy or dog from a reputable breeder.

How to Choose the Right Dog for Your Family – Taking time to consider a number of factors about your family and your expectations before you go out to look for a pet will result in greater satisfaction and fewer relinquished or abandoned animals.

Lessons Children Need to Learn About Dogs – Help young children to learn about dogs and what influences their behavior.

Readiness Counts – An Emergency Pet Evacuation Plan – With all of the natural disasters throughout the US, this is would be a good time to start thinking about an evacuation plan with your animals in mind.

Should I Get a Dog? – Choosing a new dog to join you or your family is a very serious endeavor. It is very important that a prospective new dog owner think seriously about the ramifications of bringing a dog into the home.

What is My Dog Saying? How Dogs Communicate – The basic language of dogs has come from their ancestor, the wolf, and is consistent throughout the world. It is important for people to learn what a dog is saying to us through body language and vocalization.

Yes, Companion Animals are Good For Us! – Companion animals provide stability in many peoples’ homes. They offer a sense of continuity over the family life cycle and may serve especially important functions during major life events or critical life transitions such as divorce, marriage and remarriage, widowhood, and becoming an empty nester.


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