Tips for a Safe Summer with Your Dog

Knowledge of basic first aid for your dog could easily make the difference between life and death this spring and summer as your outdoor activities rise with the warmer temperatures. Learn to recognize a medical emergency and familiarize yourself with at least the basics so that you will be prepared if something does happen to […]

Kids and Dogs

Dogs can teach children about love and respect, life and death. They can also help teach children to learn responsibility and  commitment from their pet. Most dogs will give unconditional love and companionship that can build confidence in a child. Dogs and kids go well together, as each have boundless energy and make excellent partners […]

Introduction to Clicker Training

In dog training, it is far easier to teach and work with a dog when you have the dog’s undivided attention. Early training with a clicker, when done correctly, can provide this type of rapt attention, leading to more success and connection between the owner and the dog for performance events and in everyday life. […]