group of puppies eating

Proper and correct handling of puppies is very important to develop a confidant and well adjusted adult dog. These articles on puppy care, training and socialization will help you develop your young pup into an excellent companion.


Games to Play with Your Young Dog – There are a lot of fun but easy games that you can play with your young pup or dog, with the added benefit of developing better communication and understanding as well as a closer bond.

Play Training Your Puppy –  Have you ever wondered what makes a spectacular dog trainer or how the owner and dog have built such a great rapport? Quality time and commitment is what it is all about.

Puppy Socialization – Many dog owners, especially first-time puppy owners, are blissfully unaware of the importance of socializing the young puppy and how it affects their development. The adult dog’s reactions to situations, people and places later in life can be attributed to how well they were socialized as a puppy.

Socialization for Puppies’ First Weeks – Dog behavioral studies have determined that the first twelve weeks of a dog’s life are vitally important because the puppy’s experiences during this time will affect his emotional responses as an adult dog. Those experiences begin, most importantly, with the breeder.

Using Games to Increase Attention and Focus in the Performance Puppy – Attention is the foundation for a good performance. Attention is a learned behavior. Without a puppy or adult dog’s attention, you cannot teach him anything.


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