Self Test for Dog Show Judges

One of the most valuable sections, in my opinion, of Dr. Robert Berndt’s book The Art and Science of Dog Judging, was a whole list of self-test questions for prospective dog show judges to test their knowledge. I’ve reprinted a selection of them below. This knowledge is valuable not only for judges, but also for breeders and exhibitors.

  1. What are the 3 head shapes in dogs?
  2. What are the two most important elements in expression?
  3. Where is the height of a dog measured?
  4. What are the five divisions of the spine?Chapter 02 Anatomy/Physiology
  1. What is the pace?
  2. The static line of balance passes through what part of the scapula?
  3. What is the most serious gaiting problem?
  4. What is the least serious gaiting problem?Chapter 03 Movement
  1. What is type?
  2. What is the first step in evaluating a dog?
  3. Is it easier to detect bite problems when looking at a dog from the front or from the side?
  4. What is an open coat? A broken coat?Chapter 04 Breed Type

We suggest you try to answer these, or find the answers, for yourself. But also please watch for the answers in our upcoming blog, “Answers to Questions for Dog Show Judges,” coming soon.