two-dog sled team

Read about the fascinating world of sled dogs here!

Best Sled Dog Ever! – Our Little Red Sled Dog – We called Trapper our Little Red Sled dog. Being a dark tawny brown with creamy markings, he could hardly be called red, and at 85 pounds, one would not call him little.

Dog Sledding in Alaska – Mushing Through Breakup – My sister Julie was flying home on the mail plane, landing at the strip on the far side of the lake six miles away. Although normally a half-hour run, this time would be different. The lake ice might still be over two feet thick on the 5th of May, but a ring of open water around the edge would make traveling problematic at best. I’d need every bit of trust, experience and courage my little crew could offer.

How the Iditarod Sleddog Race Came to Be – Historian Dorothy Page and Joe Redington Sr. worked together to organize the first race in 1967. The Iditarod started as a short, 50 mile race along the Iditarod trail to commemorate the one-hundredth anniversary of the purchase of Alaska from Russia. The first year, an Eskimo from Teller, AK,  Isaac Okleaskik, won.

Joys of Running a Sled Dog Team – My introduction to dog sledding was a commercial tour ride near Winter Park, Colorado. What a fantastic way to see the country!

The Iditarod Sled Dog Race – The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race follows an historic gold miners’ supply trail through the Alaska Range, over the Kuskokwim Mountains, and along the frozen Yukon River toward Norton Sound on the forbidding Bering Sea.

What it Takes to Prepare for the Iditarod – In the first week of March,  musher’s  will gather for one the world’s longest and most grueling sled dog races—the Iditarod—from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. How does one prepare for a race of over 1,000 miles of frozen trail in temperatures well below freezing?


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