Properly trained sporting dogs—retrievers, spaniels and pointers— are a joy to behold and to own. Learn how to train and handle your sporting dog in the following articles.

Choosing a Flushing Spaniel Breed – Part I, by James B. Spencer – While English Springers do seem to dominate the field, there are several other flushing spaniel breeds that are still used as hunting dogs.

Choosing a Flushing Spaniel Breed – Part II, by James B. Spencer – For those of you who like a little variety in their lives and to have something that is unique, here are four uncommon spaniel breeds to consider.

Five Tips for Training your Spaniel Puppy to Retrieve – You’ve done your research and have located the perfect spaniel breed for your needs. Now the little guy is tumbling around at your feet, and you’re wondering how to get started.

Introducing Your Spaniel or Retriever to Water – While this seems like it may be a natural thing, a safe and slow introduction will ensure that your hunting dog will have a positive experience with water and swimming and will be a willing hunter for years to come.

Preparing Your Bird Dog for Hunting Season – One of the best ways to make sure that your dog is as ready as you are for the hunt season is to do training drills. This will remind him of what his part of the partnership is and tune him up in anticipation of the hunt.

The Spaniel’s Job – Anyone who has  tried all three types of sporting dogs—putting them to the widest possible use in American hunting conditions—will tell you that the flushing spaniels come close to being our mythical all-round hunting dog.

Train to Fit Your Retriever Puppy’s Personality – Understanding your puppy’s temperament and personality can make a huge difference when you start to train your retriever puppy.

What is a ‘Retriever Training Test’? – Retriever hunt tests were developed for and gained popularity with dog owners who wanted to keep working their dogs during hunting off-seasons in a more relaxed atmosphere then the well known retriever field trials.

Which Pointer Should I Choose for Birdwork ? – Part I – It matters little how great a trainer you may be; if you do not start out with the right dog you will fail to develop the kind of dog you have in mind—and you will waste an irreplaceable year or two of your life in the process.


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