SAINT BERNARD PUPPIES – How to Grade a Litter (Good Advice for Any Breed)

Editor’s Note: While the specifics of this article regard the Saint Bernard dog in particular, the general process can be applied to any breed using that breed’s Standard of Excellence as a guide. The process that one goes about in grading or evaluating a litter is the same regardless of the breed. Read this article […]

How to Choose the Right Dog for Your Family

According to Aubrey H. Fine, Ed.D., pet lover, pet therapy specialist, psychologist and author, taking time to consider a number of factors about your family and your expectations before you go out to look for a pet will result in greater satisfaction and fewer relinquished or abandoned animals. Companion animals are not things; they are […]


Puppy’s First Weeks Are Most Important Dog behavioral studies have determined that the first twelve weeks of a dog’s life are vitally important because the puppy’s experiences during this time will affect his emotional responses as an adult dog. Those experiences begin, most importantly, with the breeder. From birth, when the puppy can neither see […]