So You Want to be a Breeder?

by Phyllis A. Holst, MS, DVM For someone like myself who was never very good at drawing pictures, painting, or making figures out of clay, who never seemed to be able to catch on to music and could only sing a tune after hearing someone else sing it first—where is that creative outlet that we […]

The Breeder’s Role in Puppy Development

Clarice Rutherford, along with most other experts on dog behavior and development, believes that the formation of a solid personality in a dog begins shortly after birth, and has a lot of evidence to prove it. In How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With, Claire explains that the need for human attention begins […]


Author Sian Hall offers her own insights through her extensive study on Africa, the history, the people, the land and the African dogs in her book, “The Dogs of Africa”. Dogs fit in extremely well with ancient nomadic lifestyles, where great distances were covered in search of game. The dog was involved in the family […]