Four Common Canine Health Conditions

Dogs do not differ much from their owners in the variety of health conditions from which they can suffer throughout their lives. Depending on factors like their breed, how well they are taken care of, and what kind of diet they consume regularly, dogs can develop health problems that could cut their lives short without […]

Trailing Versus Tracking Dogs: A Definition

There are purists in both tracking and trailing with exceptional backgrounds and knowledge in both respected fields. Be that as it may, I believe that police K-9 manhunts of the future will be ultimately based on training philosophies regarding trailing. Why might I take such a position? Simple—trailing is historically the much more effective method […]


Author Sian Hall offers her own insights through her extensive study on Africa, the history, the people, the land and the African dogs in her book, “The Dogs of Africa”. Dogs fit in extremely well with ancient nomadic lifestyles, where great distances were covered in search of game. The dog was involved in the family […]