Where should my dog walk when we’re hiking on the trail?

We’ve talked about buying the right fitting dog pack and getting your dog used to wearing it. Now you’re ready for hiking. Where, exactly, is the best place for him to walk on the trail? According to Charlene LaBelle, author, Backpacking With Your Dog (training books – Alpine Publications), one advantage of having your dog walk in […]

Condition Your Dog to a Carry a Pack

               In our last blog, we explained how to choose the right pack for your dog. Now, here are some tips on introducing and conditioning your puppy or dog to his new pack.               According to Charlene LaBelle, Backpacking With Your Dog  (training books […]

Taking to the outdoors – how to pick the right dog pack!

Hiking this summer is one more gloriously fun way you can share your life and good times with your dog.  You probably already own a good fitting backpack for yourself, but what about one for your canine buddy? Make the hiking adventure fun for your dog too with the right type of dog pack. A […]