Tips for a Safe Summer with Your Dog

Knowledge of basic first aid for your dog could easily make the difference between life and death this spring and summer as your outdoor activities rise with the warmer temperatures. Learn to recognize a medical emergency and familiarize yourself with at least the basics so that you will be prepared if something does happen to […]

Easy Steps to Help Training Make Sense to Your Dog

ESTABLISH A PARTNERSHIP BUILT ON TRUST As you learn to communicate easily with a dog, a partnership is born. A dog is much more willing to work for a handler who is clear with instructions and takes the time to listen to his partner. Partnerships of all kinds are built on trust. Your dog must […]

Reinforcements in Dog Training

When training your dog, it is important for you to know and understand how to use food and other types of reinforcers correctly. Be aware that if you only use food for reinforcement, it will be difficult to have the dog work when you have no food available. Varying the reinforcers keeps the dog more […]