Livestock Guarding Dogs as a Family Companion

CAN THEY DO BOTH? Those who are looking for a unique guard dog for their family and home are frequently drawn to the large, independent livestock guard dogs.Perhaps it is their size that makes the people feel safe, or the rarity of the breeds, or the perception that they are more gentle and not as […]

Livestock Guarding Dogs

LIVESTOCK GUARDING DOGS ARE STILL THE BEST PROTECTION AGAINST PREDATORS Dogs Under-utilized for Livestock Protection Wiley E. Coyote continues to be an inscrutable creature in both the rural and the city landscapes of North America, as well as other parts of the world. Natural predators like the coyote are considered part of the ecosystem and […]

Handling the Livestock Guarding Puppy

Livestock guarding dogs today often serve a dual purpose as family dog or all purpose farm dog as well as the guardian of sheep, goats, ducks, emus, llamas, or other small livestock. Most guarding dog breeds originated in Europe where they were used to protect sheep from predators like wolves or wild cats. According to […]