Play Training Your Puppy

Have you ever wondered what makes a spectacular dog trainer or how the owner and dog have built such a great rapport? Quality time and commitment is what it is all about. Great trainers spend as much time as possible with their dog, working and playing with him regularly every day. Frequently starting with a […]

Using Games to Increase Attention and Focus in the Performance Puppy

Attention is the foundation for a good performance. Attention is a learned behavior. Without a puppy or adult dog’s attention, you cannot teach him anything. In obedience, attention is learning to ignore distractions, be they other dogs and people, noises, or smells, while maintaining a specific head position, such as in heel position. Many canine events, […]

Five Tips for Training your Spaniel Puppy to Retrieve

You’ve done your research and have located the perfect spaniel breed for your needs. Now the little guy is tumbling around at your feet, and you’re wondering how to get started. Have no fear, the only thing you need is your healthy seven to twelve week old spaniel puppy and a strong desire to train […]