Agility Training for Puppies

Agility is an excellent way to help an active puppy burn off some energy while having fun at the same time he is building a bond with his owner. While strenuous training is not recommended, or requiring the puppy to jump at full heights, the puppy can learn a lot of the basic foundations that […]


Puppy’s First Weeks Are Most Important Dog behavioral studies have determined that the first twelve weeks of a dog’s life are vitally important because the puppy’s experiences during this time will affect his emotional responses as an adult dog. Those experiences begin, most importantly, with the breeder. From birth, when the puppy can neither see […]

Play Training Your Puppy

Have you ever wondered what makes a spectacular dog trainer or how the owner and dog have built such a great rapport? Quality time and commitment is what it is all about. Great trainers spend as much time as possible with their dog, working and playing with him regularly every day. Frequently starting with a […]