Easy Steps to Help Training Make Sense to Your Dog

ESTABLISH A PARTNERSHIP BUILT ON TRUST As you learn to communicate easily with a dog, a partnership is born. A dog is much more willing to work for a handler who is clear with instructions and takes the time to listen to his partner. Partnerships of all kinds are built on trust. Your dog must […]

Your Hunting Dog Training Program

Training is a continuous process, not a series of disconnected parts or phases. Nor is it what mathematicians call “linear.” You do not complete all of one phase before starting the next. Sometimes you work on several phases in a single session. Sometimes you work on multiple phases in parallel for a sustained period of […]

How to Use Corrections with Dogs

Correcting your dog is one of the most hotly debated topics in the dog training world.  With the popular idea of purely positive training, corrections are never used. But with many other trainers, some type of correction, whether only verbal, or verbal and physical, is used on a regular basis. Understanding what constitutes a correction […]