Your Hunting Dog Training Program

Training is a continuous process, not a series of disconnected parts or phases. Nor is it what mathematicians call “linear.” You do not complete all of one phase before starting the next. Sometimes you work on several phases in a single session. Sometimes you work on multiple phases in parallel for a sustained period of […]

Introducing Your Spaniel or Retriever to Water

If the weather and water temperatures are not too cold, you can introduce your young Spaniel or Retriever to water. While this seems like it may be a natural thing, a safe and slow introduction will ensure that your hunting dog will have a positive experience with water and swimming and will be a willing […]

Five Tips for Training your Spaniel Puppy to Retrieve

You’ve done your research and have located the perfect spaniel breed for your needs. Now the little guy is tumbling around at your feet, and you’re wondering how to get started. Have no fear, the only thing you need is your healthy seven to twelve week old spaniel puppy and a strong desire to train […]