With winter still hanging on in many parts of the country or a wet spring for others, many dog owners and their dogs may be experiencing a bit of cabin fever. As it is either too wet or too cold, or just plain nasty outside, the dog is starting to eye the couch as a […]

Backpacking with your dog

With summer’s clear skies and sunny days, many people enjoy hitting the mountain trails with their backpacks, and a large percentage of those like to have the company of their four-footed companions. This year, instead of carrying your camp gear as well as your dog’s, consider training him to carry a backpack that he can […]

English for Dogs – Train Your Dog More Useful Words

  Since school is out and kids are home moaning about being bored, maybe they could teach the family dog some of the English language.  In her book English for Dogs, Teresa Gary covers 50 words that are commonly used throughout the daily interaction with our dogs. How much fun would this be if the […]