We love blogging about the fascinating sport and working aspects of tracking and trailing dogs.

How to Start Training a Puppy to Trail – The first step in field training your future trailing dog starts in the house or within the confines of your yard. As soon as the dog is accustomed to his new surroundings it is time to play hide and seek.

How to Use Distractions When Training a Trailing or Tracking Dog – Noise and shapes can spook or attract dogs and need to be considered distractions in their own right. If whatever happens causes a trailing dog to disengage from the scent trail of the subject, it is a distraction.

Secrets to Keeping a Trailing Dog Motivated – When training or working your dog in tracking or trailing, many handler’s will reach a point where they need to keep the dog motivated and excited to hit the trail. Here are a few pointers to keep your dog keen on the trail.

Trailing Versus Tracking Dogs: A Definition – There are purists in both tracking and trailing with exceptional backgrounds and knowledge in both respected fields. Be that as it may, I believe that police K-9 manhunts of the future will be ultimately based on training philosophies regarding trailing.

Training the Proximity Alert to Trailing Dogs – One of the most dangerous aspects of handling trailing dogs in a manhunt, be it an escaped felon or a lost person, is running up on that person and landing in his lap.

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